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February 18th, 2014 Salvage Hunter Auto Parts

We were promised for a few years that if sales in the American auto industry increased since the 2008 financial crisis, Americans would also see a spike in manufacturing jobs. We’ve already talked about other positive reports about U.S. car manufacturers before here on the Salvage Hunter Auto Parts blog. Today, we’re also happy to see that the country’s bet on the auto industry is starting to pay off with higher levels of employment.


During January 2014, manufacturers in the auto industry added a total of 3,400 new jobs, surpassing the employment level seen in September 2008, according to this article published by The Detroit News. Car and parts manufacturers in America now employ about 846,400 workers, and auto dealers another 1.16 million workers.


Although jobs have been improving, wages haven’t exactly taken a major leap forward as of yet. The average wage for non-supervisory and production workers inched forward by 29 cents to $21.21 per hour. This was a little higher when only manufacturing companies were surveyed, about $28 per hour for production and non-supervisory workers.


The regions where employment gains were being realized also provided some encouraging signs for the industry. Michigan, home of Detroit and its seemingly faded auto empire, saw an increase in employment of 4,600 workers for the state’s parts manufacturing sector, the highest increase of any state. Indiana, which is another state heavily associated with motor vehicle manufacturing, has also been posting healthy returns.


img02We’re still inching our way back to the peak levels of employment enjoyed in 2006. During that year, 1.1 million American workers found full-time employment from the country’s various auto manufacturing companies. The country is still about 200,000 jobs ahead of it’s lowest employment levels since the crisis started, but another 250,000 won’t just materialize out of nowhere.


Meanwhile, the salvage industry has been buoyed by greater sales in recent years. That means the inventory here at Salvage Hunter Auto Parts is everything a DIY car repair enthusiast could ask for. Come visit our facility here in Austell, GA, a short drive away from Atlanta.

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