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Auto Salvage in the New Year

December 27th, 2013 Salvage Hunter Auto Parts

Auto Salvage 2014Auto salvage is all about individual choice. Strolling through a salvage yard, a person can find dozens of parts that fit their needs and can even get a little picky about what they install on their vehicle. You might find enough hubcaps lying around to get a shiny new set for your tires. Even with calipers and other parts installed inside of the car, you might find parts of differing quality, or maybe you want to pick the auto part, which is the cleanest.


You need a large assortment of junked cars in order to get this opportunity to choose. Economic forecasts for the next few years are predicting that, globally, the auto sales market will grow even more, increasing the chances that you’ll pick up the right part, or one you didn’t intend on finding, right in your own backyard.


Global business analysis firm IHS Inc. forecasts that, in 2014, the automobile sales market should increase to about 85 million sales, according to this article published by The Wall Street Journal. That marks a decent increase from the 82 million sales, which have been conducted during 2013.


Economic markets are turning the corner towards recovery all over the world, and this has been contributing to better sales. Demand in the United States and China has stayed steadily at high levels, while European markets, which had suffered massive hits in recent years, are showing pretty strong signs of regrowth. Production of American cars is also supposed to increase during the next few years, by 2.1 million vehicles alone between 2014 and 2020.


In the long run, it looks like 2020 will be a banner year for auto sales, judging by the IHS forecasts. By 2018, global sales should hit 100 million per year. According to a separate Deutsch Bank report cited in the same article, consumers will be much more open to leasing a vehicle by 2016. Leasing tanked significantly in the post-global financial crisis years, but signs are pointing towards a recovery there as well.


With so many cars flooding the markets in the next few years, the opportunities for salvage hunters will increase dramatically. Anyone who’s been through a yard knows that it doesn’t take too long for someone to junk a newer model car, sometimes only a year or two, or even less. Salvage Hunter Auto Parts caters to mechanics and car owners in the area of Atlanta, GA. Come see us when you need one last part to get you back on the road.



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