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Salvage Hunter “Hybrid Yard”

November 20th, 2014 Salvage Hunter Auto Parts
Atlanta GA Aftermarket Parts

When looking for auto parts at a salvage yard, the customer wants to find the right parts at an affordable price, with minimal effort. Some customers can trust that the salvage yard staff will locate and extract the parts efficiently, and with no issue to the integrity of the part itself. But if you are someone who likes to be hands on with your vehicle’s repair, and is also fluent in the arts of car part removal, you might feel that you are qualified enough to find the parts yourself.


Well that’s where a “Hybrid Yard” comes in. A hybrid salvage yard is one that accommodates either customer situation with ease and comfortability.


If you go to a salvage yard and are equipped enough to remove the parts yourself, you should be able to do so without an issue. If you want to let the professional staff member at the salvage yard do it instead, that’s cool too. That’s the great aspect of a hybrid salvage yard, either choice is acceptable and encouraged.


At Salvage Hunter Auto Parts not only do they have the “Hybrid Yard” capabilities but encourage the customer to use either method when trying to search for the car part they need. Remember that at Salvage, we have all sorts of makes and models of vehicles to extract from and carry fuel pumps, radiators, body parts and much, much more. Even new parts to choose from, that will beat out other retailer’s prices.


Check out Salvage Hunter Auto Parts, and find the car part you need for your vehicle!


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