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Salvaging is an American Skill

December 18th, 2013 Salvage Hunter Auto Parts

Americans have an amazing ability to bring their hard work ethic to bear on any project. As a country, we’ve shown an overwhelming capacity for making something out of nothing since the country was established back in 1776. Here at Salvage Hunter Auto Parts, we help out the hard workers and weekend warriors of our region by giving them access to one of the region’s largest auto salvage yards.

 Atlanta GA Used Car Parts

Since 1988, this family owned and operated business has been offering quality used car parts from salvage to thousands from our facility in Austell, GA. From a small operation, we’ve grown to a 7-acre lot that currently contains about 800 different automobiles as well as a large assortment of salvage parts that have already been dismantled. Unlike many other salvage yards, we offer not just a great price but also a 30-day conditional warranty on most of our used parts.


We can also put customers in touch with new parts as well if they don’t trust the bearings or fuel pump from a salvaged wreck. Salvage Hunter Auto Parts is a subscriber to many locator services that allows our customers to order a used or new version of any part they need for their own vehicle. For some commercial clients around the city of Austell, we also offer free delivery within a certain radius.


Salvage has been a key word in the automobile industry in recent days. Since the global financial crisis of 2008, the American government has been trying hard to salvage the auto industry, propping up the Big 3 manufacturers through massive public investment. Today, as this USA Today story reports, a major chapter in that salvage effort has closed with the government’s recent announcement that it has sold all of its holdings in General Motors stock.


In a statement included in the above story, President Obama admitted that the investment in Chrysler and GM was a bet, but one that has paid off in the saving of thousands of American jobs and entire communities built on the auto industry. The industry added a total of 372,000 jobs this year, the largest growth since the 1990s, and all three major manufacturers are standing on their own for the first time since 2008.


Refusing to walk away from a wreck and salvaging what you can is a uniquely American trait. At Salvage Hunter Auto Parts, we’re happy to be playing our part in the return of the American auto industry. We’re here for all your auto part needs, just about 20 miles northeast of Atlanta, Georgia.



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