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The Summer Auto Sales Rush

July 28th, 2014 Salvage Hunter Auto Parts
American auto

The Summer time has always been the great boom for auto sales across the United States, while the winter often has to resort to massive discounts and sales just to get a few people in. But this July has been one of the biggest gross sales for cars in nearly a decade. And it hasn’t been too shocking for people in the auto industry to see these sales going up, since they’ve known for some time that the auto industry was rising back up faster than the total US Economy currently has been able to.


However, there had still been concerns around automobiles when there had been a few frequent recalls lately, especially around General Motors. These recalls had scared much of the auto industry briefly, but it was clear that consumers still need their method of travel and cars are still the only major choice. After all much of an economy is driven by what consumers buy, and everyone still does need cars.


Though many in the car industry expected sales would be lower due to more people trying to fix their current cars with buying car parts where they could, instead of brand new cars. Although they were lower, it is clear that has changed with the recent sales figures reaching over 16 million in a single month.


It is certainly clear that if there is any one market you should be focusing on, it is the cars and car parts area, because no matter how poor people get or how little money they have to spend, travel expenses will always be important to them. We can certainly expect the summer to continue with some great numbers for cars.




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