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How Long Do Mufflers Last?

December 16th, 2016 Salvage Hunter Auto Parts

Mufflers are a crucial component to a vehicle’s exhaust and engine system. The main job of the muffler is to cancel out most of the engine’s noise.

You can always tell the difference between a vehicle with and without a muffler. The muffler system is a simple one with a set of tubes and holes in them. However, those tubes and chambers are like a finely tuned musical instrument; the sound wave from the engine noise is deflected by the muffler.

When you begin to hear the engine of a vehicle very loudly or begin to hear abnormal noises, it could indicate that there is a problem with the muffler. A muffler system often will not last the duration of the rest of the vehicle.

The average length of time for a muffler to work is 2 to 4 years or anywhere between 40,000 and 80,000 miles.

Since the muffler is located on the undercarriage of a vehicle, it tends to experience more wear and tear than other parts of a vehicle.

If your vehicle is on the road more often, you will notice a shorter lifespan of the muffler.

If you happen to live in areas with varied weather conditions, such as ice, snow, wet and extreme cold, you will notice that your muffler may not last the average amount of time that was mentioned above.

When you begin to hear the engine and the exhaust system more than you have before, this could mean you need to have your muffler checked. Rattling noises and any other loud sounds need to be inspected by a professional car mechanic.

Noises from the undercarriage of your vehicle does not necessarily mean you need to have your muffler replaced, but if some time has passed, the noises could lead to the need to see a mechanic.

Salvage Hunter Auto Parts has a stock of gently used vehicle parts that are affordable and will make a difference in how your vehicle runs. If you are in need of a muffler, contact us today.

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