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Need A Window Lift Motor? Try A Salvage Yard

April 28th, 2016 Salvage Hunter Auto Parts
Need A Window Lift Motor? Try A Salvage Yard

There are few things more frustrating than cruising along the road and going to lower your window only to have it stay in place.


Especially if you live in an area with semi-cold weather, it may be frozen or even worse the lift motor is broken.


When the lift motor breaks you have a few options to figure out a way to fix the window issue.


You could go to an auto shop and hopefully, have it repaired quickly or if you are savvy enough you could try something different, check the salvage yard, find the right motor and install it yourself.


At the salvage yard, whether you search online or at the yard itself, you would be able to look for the part without any pressure from the salesman at the auto shop. You could then search and take your time minus all of the normal stress.


Once you find the window lift motor at the salvage yard, chances are it would be cheaper than anything the auto repair shop would sell you anyways.


If you aren’t the mechanic-type you could then take the part to the shop and have the mechanics put it into the door and window assembly.


Keep in mind, some auto shops might not put a part in that you haven’t purchased from them. Make sure you do your research on shops around you and find one that will do the work before taking it to the closest place.


Now some people may be hesitant to buy a part from a salvage yard and that’s understandable.


However, there is always the chance to find the part you may be looking for in great condition in the salvage yard. If you are to find one, you’ve just saved yourself a lot of trouble and as mentioned before, a good amount of money too.


Salvage Hunter Auto Parts in Austell, Georgia, is a salvage yard offering new and used auto parts. No matter what part you may be looking for, our yard is sure to have the one you need.


For more information about us and the car parts and products we offer, call us today at 770-943-9979!



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