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Five Gifts You Can Give A DIY Car Guy

December 8th, 2014 Salvage Hunter Auto Parts
Five Gifts You Can Give A DIY Car Guy

Car guys are a different and rare breed. They aren’t typical men who like cars because of what they look like; instead they appreciate all facets of the vehicle. They can name a make and model to a car just from listening to the engine purr. A car guy can also tell you what is wrong with your vehicle just by the details and information you share with them.


If you are looking for gifts to give the Do-It-Yourselfer in your life this holiday season, you might be pondering what to buy because they already have it all. But there is quite the selection to choose from that they could always use. The gift might be to increase their inventory of parts or something unique that they don’t have.


Five Gift Ideas For Car Guys


Here are some gift ideas to give the special car guy in your life.


  1. Car Part Furniture – Who doesn’t find car furniture fun and something they want to show off? The car guy in your life will enjoy this gift and will showcase it in his garage for all to see.
  2. Car Care Kit – This might be something they already have, but who doesn’t want to have a solid stock of car care products so when one can of car polish is done, there’s another in waiting!
  3. New Tooling – The more tools the better. You can have enough tools, as most car guys know there is only one tool for the job in all occasions. Look through his current tools and see what he needs to have to complete any car project.
  4. Project Car – If you can find a beat up, clunker of a car and have it towed to your house for the holidays that one of the best gifts you can give a car man. They can then spend their weekends investing time to restore the vehicle, finding pride in a job well done.
  5. Parts – More parts for the cars they are fixing or restoring. This is a great gift for the guy who already has a project car or has a vehicle that needs fixing.
  6. Five Gifts You Can Give A DIY Car Guy

If you are looking for car parts in the Georgia area and want to get them at an affordable price, head to Salvage Hunter Auto Parts. The professional staff can point you in the right direction or search the online inventory to find the part you need.


For more information on new or used car parts, contact Salvage Hunter Auto Parts today!



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