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Cold Weather And Car Battery Replacement

December 24th, 2014 Salvage Hunter Auto Parts
Cold Weather And Car Battery Replacement

Cold weather is known to do a number on any type of vehicle. There could be salt from the road which causes rust on your car or truck, frozen cars that don’t have enough coolant, and batteries wear down and lose their charge.


According to Battery Council International; if the outside temperature is a hot 80 degrees Fahrenheit, a fully-charged battery has 100 percent of its power available when starting the car, when the temperature drops to a brisk 32 degrees Fahrenheit, a fully-charged battery has two-thirds of its power available, and at freezing 0 degrees Fahrenheit that same fully-charged battery has only 40 percent of its power available to start the vehicle.


This situation is even more complicated when you have a battery that is on its last legs and the next time you start your car might be the last. So if you are in the market of buying a battery for your vehicle, what can you do?


New-Reconditioned Batteries


Don’t just buy any battery, but a newly reconditioned battery. A reconditioned battery is a used battery that’s been restored to its original capacity so it works just like new for your vehicle.Cold Weather And Car Battery Replacement


Batteries are not cheap and you shouldn’t just give your away. It helps the environment saving the battery, so before throwing out any car battery you should test them to see if they can be restored.


Also a reconditioned battery is much less than a brand new one. Salvage yards are a well-known spot to purchase a car battery that has been reconditioned. At Salvage Hunter Auto Parts, we sell reconditioned batteries for $55 plus exchange, offering a no hassle 90-day replacement warranty. You’re average car part retailer can’t offer that kind of deal.


For more information about the reconditioned batteries contact Salvage Hunter Auto Parts, and if there are other parts you need for your vehicle check out the “Hybrid” salvage yard or have a look at the online inventory.



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