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Having Tires In Working Winter Condition

January 6th, 2015 Salvage Hunter Auto Parts
Having Tires In Working Winter Condition

The four wheels on any vehicle are the only thing separating the car from the road. Every vehicle owner knows that the car tire is essential to keeping your car in working order. There are various reasons why you need to be sure that in the winter, that the car has working tires. According to AAA – “Under-inflated tires contribute to more than 600 fatalities and 33,000 injuries annually, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates, and they waste more than 1 billion gallons of gasoline each year, based on U.S. Department of Energy estimates.”


That’s why it pays to check your tire’s condition on a weekly basis, especially in the winter. Tires can pop from time to time without warning due to a nail in the road or hitting a curb the wrong way. But if you are in cold conditions, it makes it that much harder to change a flat if you could have prevented the issue in the first place.


Maintaining The Vehicle’s Tires


Here are a few tire tips to help save you and your vehicle from future problems this winter.


Check the tire pressure. Most cars built within the last 10 years have a tire inflation and pressure gauge built in, but don’t be afraid to get out there and get your hands dirty making sure the tire is suitable for driving in the snow or ice.


Tires can lose a pound of pressure with every ten degrees of change in temperature.


Rotate tires and balance them when necessary. This will help maximize the life of the tires and create a safer driving environment.


Be aware of the tire’s tread. Worn tires with little tread are more likely to lose traction in the snow or hydroplane on wet pavement. This will result in a loss of braking power and steering control and can cause an accident.



Having Tires In Working Winter ConditionIf you are afflicted with a tire that won’t stay inflated or has little tread left, consider shopping for new tires. If you are in the market for a new tire or winter tires, look to Savage Hunter Auto Parts. At Salvage Hunter, we have a variety of tires that are new or used to choose from.


Shopping at Salvage Hunter Auto Parts, we strive to offer good quality parts at the lowest possible prices anywhere. By being a FULL SERVICE yard, we mean that WE pull the parts you want and stand behind our parts with a conditional 30 day warranty. If you have questions about a specific part or need further assistance, contact Salvage Hunter Auto Parts today!


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