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How Often Should You Replace Your Brakes

July 22nd, 2016 Salvage Hunter Auto Parts

Maintaining your vehicle, whether brand new or a couple years old, is essential to the longevity of the car and your safety when driving it.


With the high cost of new vehicles today, it can be difficult to purchase a new model every few years. As one of the main reasons to stay on top of routine car fixes and maintenance, you can save money.


As we know, cars are a complex vessel of mechanical systems and one of those systems that is crucial to repair and change out when necessary is the brakes.


Not necessarily the first thing to go in a vehicle but certainly something you want to take note of when your brakes are not working properly, here is a guide to know when you need to change the brakes.


Check the wear on your brake pads. Through the spaces between your wheel spokes, the outside pad is pressed against a metal rotor and there should be at least ¼ inch of pad. If there is less, the brake pads need inspecting.


A high-pitched squeal coming from your brake system indicates your brake pad needs replacing.


A harsh grinding sound tells you that not only have your brake pads worn completely down, now the metal of the calipers is grinding against the metal of the rotors.


There is a vibration in the brake pedal, which is indicative of warped rotors.


The above is just a general guide. Most mechanics will tell you that brake pads need replacing about every 50,000 miles.


Dependent upon how often you drive, whether you do a lot of stop and go through traffic driving and the environment with which you are driving on (hard terrain, cracked roads, etc.) are also indicative of when you need to have the brakes replaced.


A licensed mechanic will be able to properly inspect your vehicle to test the wear and tear of your brake pads. As the most crucial component to keeping you safe while driving, make sure your brakes are never neglected. Here at Salvage Hunter Auto Parts, we stock gently used and good conditioned brake parts, among myriad other items.



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