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Prepping Your Car For Summer

June 9th, 2016 Salvage Hunter Auto Parts
Prepping Your Car For Summer

Summer is only a few weeks away and for some of the lucky Americans, it will be time to take long drives, cruising to far away destinations or just a nice drive with the windows down to clear the head.


High heat, copious amounts of dust and dirt in the air, and add in the traffic jams you might face with other beach goers, these types of experiences can really beat down on your vehicle.


No one wants their vehicle to break down when they are on their way to a fun place, so that means it is more important now to get your car prepped for summer.


Here Are A Few Tips To Prep Your Vehicle To Enjoy The Summer


  • Brakes And Tires – First things first, if you come from a colder weather climate, you might want to switch your winter tires off your car. Then after that is settled, make sure you’ve rotated and checked the pressure on the tires. Ensure your spare tire is also good to go.
  • Brakes are also important at this stage. The heat will cause the brakes to wear faster, so if you are already suffering from longer stopping distances or hearing weird noises, have your brakes inspected and repaired promptly.


  • Oil Change And Filter – Clean and fresh engine oil is great in taking the heat away from the engine even in the hottest of temperatures. But as the time passes from your last oil change, the oil will thin out and it won’t be able to handle the heat as well. If you are close to your scheduled change take the opportunity now and grab a new filter to ensure the best results.


  • Air Conditioning And Coolant – No one wants to have hot air blowing at them during the humid summer months. Run your A/C at least once a week to make sure it still blows cool air. If it does not, have it inspected by a professional.
  • The coolant system should also be checked and/or flushed. If you are seeing cloudy coolant, or it keeps going below the recommended mark, flush and replace immediately.


If all goes well, with these tips you can be off and ready for summer driving in not time. And if you are in need of replacement auto parts but don’t want to pay those expensive store prices, stop by Salvage Hunter Auto Parts and check out our selection or peruse our inventory online.


We stand behind the quality of all our auto parts and have them at the lowest possible prices anywhere.


Contact us at 770-943-9979 for more information about our full-service salvage yard today!


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