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Why Cars Are Depreciating Assets

There are many large purchases in life that provide a return on your investment and prove to be a good asset. One of those is a home. Overtime, the value of your home goes up based upon market trends and you will gain equity so that you can sell it and make a profit.   […]

How Often Should You Replace Your Brakes

Maintaining your vehicle, whether brand new or a couple years old, is essential to the longevity of the car and your safety when driving it.   With the high cost of new vehicles today, it can be difficult to purchase a new model every few years. As one of the main reasons to stay on […]

Tips For Junking A Vehicle

Junking or salvaging a vehicle is the process of selling the parts within the automobile because as a whole, the vehicle is damaged beyond repair.   Often, the body of a vehicle sustains the most damage and therefore people forget to consider the undercarriage parts that might still be worth a sale. In many instances, […]