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Tips For Junking A Vehicle

Junking or salvaging a vehicle is the process of selling the parts within the automobile because as a whole, the vehicle is damaged beyond repair.   Often, the body of a vehicle sustains the most damage and therefore people forget to consider the undercarriage parts that might still be worth a sale. In many instances, […]

Three Reasons to Use a Salvage Yard to Buy Auto Parts

Three Reasons to Use a Salvage Yard to Buy Auto Parts

If you are looking for parts for a car that you drive all the time, a vehicle you are currently refurbishing in your spare time or one that is a classic and need a particular part for, you don’t necessarily want to go to a parts store because you know that they might not carry […]

Salvage Hunter “Hybrid Yard”

Atlanta GA Aftermarket Parts

When looking for auto parts at a salvage yard, the customer wants to find the right parts at an affordable price, with minimal effort. Some customers can trust that the salvage yard staff will locate and extract the parts efficiently, and with no issue to the integrity of the part itself. But if you are […]