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Why Salvage Yards are Good for the Environment

Salvage Hunter Auto Parts of Georgia is a full service yard with over 800 severely-damaged cars and trucks on 7 acres. Rather than just “throw them out,” Salvage Hunter Auto Parts does its part for saving the environment by collecting these older vehicles on your behalf. Then, when you need a certain part from a […]

Three Reasons to Use a Salvage Yard to Buy Auto Parts

Three Reasons to Use a Salvage Yard to Buy Auto Parts

If you are looking for parts for a car that you drive all the time, a vehicle you are currently refurbishing in your spare time or one that is a classic and need a particular part for, you don’t necessarily want to go to a parts store because you know that they might not carry […]

Auto Salvage Yards and the Environment

Any auto salvage yard has a responsibility to follow government regulations to ensure the reduction of negative impacts to the environment. Certain procedures must be followed every time that a vehicle is junked in order to make sure that hazardous fluids won’t leach into the ground, for instance.     Here at Salvage Hunter Auto […]