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Auto Salvage Yards and the Environment

May 6th, 2014 Salvage Hunter Auto Parts

Any auto salvage yard has a responsibility to follow government regulations to ensure the reduction of negative impacts to the environment. Certain procedures must be followed every time that a vehicle is junked in order to make sure that hazardous fluids won’t leach into the ground, for instance.




Here at Salvage Hunter Auto Parts, we work hard to make sure to comply with state guidelines on disposing of hazardous waste materials from the cars and trucks dropped off at our facility. We know that ending up on the wrong side of the law can have some serious business consequences, as news reports from around the country show.


Government officials regularly investigate salvage facilities around the country to make sure that business owners aren’t running afoul of regulations. For example, this article published by discusses a salvage yard in Muncie, IN, which was fined thousands of dollars for its inability to comply with hazardous waste disposal guidelines.


In early May, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management levied a fine of more than $10,000 on Westside Used Auto Parts of Muncie. This business was cited on violations of releasing automotive fluids by not removing mercury switches prior to crushing vehicles, among other issues.


The business owner attributes many of these environmental concerns to business activities stemming back to days when General Motors owned a facility on the site. In 2006, the Manual Transmissions of Muncie plant, which used to be operated by GM, was demolished, releasing large amounts of contaminants into the local atmosphere, as the business owner argued.


Salvage Hunter Auto Parts works diligently to ensure that all of our salvaged vehicles are stored in accordance with state environmental guidelines for hazardous auto materials. We want our prospective customers to be able to trust our commitment to excellence in the used auto parts industry. If you want the best selection in salvage car parts in Atlanta, GA, make sure to stop by our facility to browse our immense inventory.

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