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A Bright Future for American Cars

April 10th, 2014 Salvage Hunter Auto Parts

Domestic auto manufacturers have been getting a boost of capital funding and investment in recent months, as we’ve talked about here on the Salvage Hunter Auto Parts blog. This influx of resources certainly has been a boon to the U.S. car industry, and more cars mean more spare parts available for making quick repairs.

American auto

Not only have we been able to turn around American investment in our own car manufacturers, our domestic parts makers are now attracting investment from overseas. This is great news for an industry hampered over the years by the loss of domestic manufacturing industries, and represents a changing tide in the economy.


As this article published by reports, a parts manufacturer based in Britain has just announced its plans to increase its operations in the state of North Carolina. GKN Driveline, a global manufacturer of power transmission products, will be receiving public subsidies and tax breaks, which will largely be used to upgrade existing facilities in Catawba County.


Although a foreign company, GKN Driveline has operated its North Carolina factory for about three decades. The company announced that the deal would allow them to add another 230 full-time positions to the plant, in addition to the 700 workers already fully employed there. The economic impact those jobs can have on an entire neighborhood can’t be understated. The company also operates factories in the North Carolina communities of Mebane, Sanford and Timberlake.


Many communities know the hardship that comes with the loss of manufacturing jobs, so to gain hundreds of them in the course of a few years must be a huge shot in the arm to the confidence of any town or city. Given all the debate in the past few decades about the problems of outsourcing in American manufacturing, it’s great to hear that the global economy is finding ways to benefit our country.


Here at Salvage Hunter Auto Parts, we’re looking ahead to a bright future for American cars. When you visit our facility, you’ll be impressed by the wide variety of quality salvaged parts that will save you hundreds on typical repair charges from mechanics. Come visit our grounds, just a short drive away from Atlanta GA.

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