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A Bright Future for American Cars

Domestic auto manufacturers have been getting a boost of capital funding and investment in recent months, as we’ve talked about here on the Salvage Hunter Auto Parts blog. This influx of resources certainly has been a boon to the U.S. car industry, and more cars mean more spare parts available for making quick repairs. Not […]

To Buy or Not to Buy Used Auto Parts

To buy or not to buy used auto parts? That is the question. The answer can only be found with the consumer, but we’ve compiled a list of some pros and cons to help you wend your way through the decision making process.   The obvious benefit to buying a used auto part is price. […]

Atlanta Car Repair Enthusiasts

We were promised for a few years that if sales in the American auto industry increased since the 2008 financial crisis, Americans would also see a spike in manufacturing jobs. We’ve already talked about other positive reports about U.S. car manufacturers before here on the Salvage Hunter Auto Parts blog. Today, we’re also happy to […]

Vice President Joe Biden and a Healthy Salvage Economy

The auto salvage market, in many respects, is simply a natural extension of the healthy automobile industry that we experience in this country. The American Dream is one that involves a car whipping down an open road, experiencing a sense of freedom that’s even more enjoyable because you had to work for it.   Rummaging […]

Auto Salvage in the New Year

Auto salvage is all about individual choice. Strolling through a salvage yard, a person can find dozens of parts that fit their needs and can even get a little picky about what they install on their vehicle. You might find enough hubcaps lying around to get a shiny new set for your tires. Even with […]

Salvaging is an American Skill

Americans have an amazing ability to bring their hard work ethic to bear on any project. As a country, we’ve shown an overwhelming capacity for making something out of nothing since the country was established back in 1776. Here at Salvage Hunter Auto Parts, we help out the hard workers and weekend warriors of our […]