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Vice President Joe Biden and a Healthy Salvage Economy

January 20th, 2014 Salvage Hunter Auto Parts

Atlanta GA Used Auto PartsThe auto salvage market, in many respects, is simply a natural extension of the healthy automobile industry that we experience in this country. The American Dream is one that involves a car whipping down an open road, experiencing a sense of freedom that’s even more enjoyable because you had to work for it.


Rummaging through a salvage yard to find the perfect part for your car or truck is certainly hard work, but the money you can save off of buying the part brand new from an auto store or mechanic can make it worth your while. A healthy salvage economy requires a bustling automotive industry operating throughout the country, and American cars have been rebounding in a big way.


In 2013, American car manufacturers experienced their greatest year of sales since 2007, before the global financial crisis, according to this article published by Automotive News. Investors everywhere grew more dismayed as profits dipped, corporate restructuring began and especially when the government had to step in and keep several companies from going under, including General Motors.


As Vice President Joe Biden put it at the recent Detroit auto show in January, one of the largest events for the automobile industry, the bet that the US government took on automakers has paid off. Government funds have been restored to the taxpayers’ coffers, and the newly designed versions of these corporations have been busy building on the ingenuity of the American auto industry and continue to pump out vehicles that consumers are snapping up quickly.


As long as America keeps producing top-notch vehicles like Corvettes, Ford F-150s and Chryslers, our roads will stay simple to navigate. Here at Salvage Hunter Auto Parts, we know that good news for the car industry equals good news for us, as we’re able to offer even more options down the road because of our ever-growing inventory. Call us today to see if we can help you find that last part to get you on the road!

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