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Rebuilding and Finishing a Car

June 24th, 2014 Salvage Hunter Auto Parts

Rebuilding and finishing a car is not always about the financial gain. Adam and Lisa Diamont of Magnolia, Texas found that out over the two years they spent in their labor of love recreating a 1967 Chevrolet Impala by the name of “Baby.” The Impala is a recreation of the car that Dean Winchester drives in the TV show “Supernatural.”

fixing a car


Adam purchased the Impala in August 2012 and he and his wife have been working diligently to get it into working order since then. He actually bought the car after a several month-long search from a fellow Supernatural fan that had tried to clean her up, but no longer had the time for the project.


Adam had limited experience with auto repair, but knew enough to start by checking for frame damage. The frame turned out to be solid. However, as it had been sitting in a junkyard for quite some time, Diamont wound up only keeping the original radiator and the gas tank. Everything else needed to be salvaged.


Before they could send the Impala out for a new paint job, Adam and some friends got the engine running and changed the brakes and brake lines out. He said, “I’m not a mechanic; I had never done any of this stuff before. But we had a blast doing it.”


The Impala in “Supernatural” does have a few non-standard features. The trunk is outfitted with a weapons’ rack and there are some paint details that probably never came on the original car. After modifying their own “Baby” with these details, the Diamonts took her on the road, both to Supernatural conventions and to Comic conventions like Comicpalooza. After premiering her at the Supernatural Con in Dallas, they have been asked to rent her out for photos, birthday parties and other events.


It just goes to show that you don’t have to be a pro to fix up a car. All it takes is a little enthusiasm, a lot of patience and a willingness to learn. If you’re ready to try your hand at an auto repair project, contact Salvage Hunter Auto Parts today. We’ll be happy to send you in the right direction!



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