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Three Reasons to Use a Salvage Yard to Buy Auto Parts

February 27th, 2015 Salvage Hunter Auto Parts
Three Reasons to Use a Salvage Yard to Buy Auto Parts

If you are looking for parts for a car that you drive all the time, a vehicle you are currently refurbishing in your spare time or one that is a classic and need a particular part for, you don’t necessarily want to go to a parts store because you know that they might not carry the right one on the shelf. Also if they do carry it, it might cost an exorbitant amount of money more than it should.


This is where a salvage yard or “Hybrid” yard comes in to accommodate your needs.


Find the Right Parts


It doesn’t matter if you are looking for exterior parts to improve the visual quality or parts for under the hood, “old” parts that can be pulled from the yard are easier to find.


Save Money


Instead of spending the money on the packaged up pretty auto parts, you can save a few dollars here and there at the salvage yard. It might not seem like a lot, but the overall savings is the grand picture and that money you save can be used for later.


Three Reasons to Use a Salvage Yard to Buy Auto Parts

Protect the Environment


When you purchase parts from the salvage yard, you are helping to prevent the parts from sitting there and possibly polluting the area or having them being just unused and discarded.


Remember when you vehicle isn’t working properly you want to get it fixed as soon as possible, so that the situation doesn’t worsen and you will have to repair more. If you know the parts you need head to Salvage Hunter Auto Parts and use the online search or if you live in the Austell area contact us today!



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3 Comments on “Three Reasons to Use a Salvage Yard to Buy Auto Parts”

  1. 1 Kael Drake said at 9:51 pm on December 18th, 2015:

    I had no idea that there were so many benefits to buying used car parts! In your post you mention that not only is it the easiest way for me to find the right parts for my car, but it is also safer for the environment! I’m always looking for ways to preserve the environment, so it’s good to know that buying from a salvage yard can help me do just that! The next time that I need to buy car parts, I’ll make sure to go to my nearest salvage yard to do so. Thank you for the information!

  2. 2 John said at 3:37 pm on February 13th, 2017:

    It’s really good to know that you can save a lot of money by buying used car parts for your car. I’ve read elsewhere that buying used parts is usually just as good as buying a brand new one, the only real difference is the amount of money you’ll have to spend. I also think it’s cool how you mentioned the added bonus of how purchasing used car parts can help protect the environment. My good friend is looking to restore the engine of an old car he has, so I’ll be sure he knows he can get used car engine parts to help him save money during his restoration.

  3. 3 Kyle Wayne said at 10:23 pm on October 9th, 2017:

    I like that you mention how going to the junkyard is actually a good way to protect the environment. My brother is looking to ford wreckers to wreck his car. I’ll be sure to talk to him about how a junkyard will also have good parts that he can use on other cars after this car is wrecked.

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