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Why Salvage Yards are Good for the Environment

June 24th, 2016 Salvage Hunter Auto Parts

Salvage Hunter Auto Parts of Georgia is a full service yard with over 800 severely-damaged cars and trucks on 7 acres. Rather than just “throw them out,” Salvage Hunter Auto Parts does its part for saving the environment by collecting these older vehicles on your behalf. Then, when you need a certain part from a certain model, you can get it off one that has been “saved” for such purposes.


Instead of burying waste from old vehicles in a landfill, taking up space underground where they’re no good to anyone, salvage yards are smartly set up to allow people to find and buy valuable vehicle parts they might need. The idea of reusing old parts rather than just throwing them away is an environmentally-friendly thing to do.


Did you know, for instance, it has been estimated that about 76 percent of auto parts can be reused? Interestingly, vehicles are the most recycled product in the world according to Popular Mechanics.


Whether it’s parts for a Dodge, BMW, Nissan, Chevrolet, Pontiac or other brand you’re looking for, chances are a salvage yard like Salvage Hunter has them. Now that’s convenient.


Finally, yards do their part to help the environment by draining gas, coolant and oil from vehicles before crushing them. These fluids can be recycled rather than left to seep into the ground, polluting it. Complying with the EPA, salvage yards also ensure that fluids from the vehicles don’t drain into nearby water supplies.


Oh, and one more thing: rather than pay “retail,” a salvage yard is a great place to get a bargain. You can often find auto parts at a 60 to 90 percent cheaper price than their original retail price.


If you have any specific questions about Salvage Hunter Auto Parts, call 770-943-9979 or come visit the yard at 4029 Anderson Farm Road.



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