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Tips For Junking A Vehicle

July 6th, 2016 Salvage Hunter Auto Parts

Junking or salvaging a vehicle is the process of selling the parts within the automobile because as a whole, the vehicle is damaged beyond repair.


Often, the body of a vehicle sustains the most damage and therefore people forget to consider the undercarriage parts that might still be worth a sale. In many instances, it makes much more financial sense to sell the parts over repairing the vehicle.


The engine, exhaust, and other mechanics of a vehicle might be in good enough condition to be sold and restored, and provide you with a little bit of extra cash.


In doing vehicle salvage, you want to be very careful and to read up on your state’s guidelines and restrictions for junking a vehicle and selling the parts.


The DMV sets regulations for junking and salvaging yards that will vary by state, so you first want to contact a local junkyard to see what those specific requirements are exactly.


What you want to ask your junkyard are the following:


• Will the junkyard dismantle the vehicle or will I get more money if I dismantle myself?


• Are there any non-metal materials I should get rid of first or does the junkyard take care of that?


• Do you require the title and proof of registration for the vehicle? Double check your DMV to see what they say about releasing documents such as the ones above.


• How much does it cost for you to dismantle and junk the car?


• The junkyard might request information from you, some of which may be:


• Is the vehicle operable?


• What parts have been damaged?


• What is the Kelley Blue Book value of the vehicle?


If you’d rather not junk the car, but have the parts dismantled for you, the DMV could want:


–  A completed junked or salvaged auto paperwork; this is included on the back of the vehicle title or you can contact the DMV for a form.


– Proof of title and vehicle registration


–  Any relinquish license plates


Junking a vehicle can seem like a complicated process, but when the information you obtain is from a professional, the process can be a simple one. Salvage Hunter Auto Parts can assist you with your vehicle salvaging needs.


One Comment on “Tips For Junking A Vehicle”

  1. 1 Kyle Wayne said at 9:58 pm on February 6th, 2018:

    I thought it was interesting that you talked about figuring out if you still need the title or not. My oldest brother is looking to find a vehicle salvage service to take his old car to. I think I will talk to him about knowing if he needs his title or not.

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