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How to Replace Your Side Mirror in the Winter

February 2nd, 2015 Salvage Hunter Auto Parts
How to Replace Your Side Mirror in the Winter

With cold weather comes ice, and with ice comes the snow plow. Watch out! If you’re parking on the street you might end up losing that side mirror thanks to an eager driver trying to salt the road and clear a path with his plow. It’s unfortunate, but it does happen. You could take your vehicle to get repairs, but if all you need is to replace your side mirror, here are some steps you can take to do it yourself (and save a little cash):


  • Find the replacement mirror (contact us at Salvage Hunter Auto Parts!)
  • Locate the factory color code and paint the new part. For this you can visit an auto parts store and purchase a can of aerosol touch-up paint. If you aren’t comfortable spraying the part yourself, then a local body shop will spray it for you. If you do paint it yourself, read the directions on the can and make sure to tape of the actual reflective surface.
  • Find the right tools at an auto parts store: trim pad remover, panel remover lever, retainer clips, and a hooked pick. You can find kits at an auto parts store as well.
  • Use the panel remover lever to take off the mirror trim panel and remove the retaining screws.
  • Use the trim pad remover to take off the fasteners.
  • Lower the window and take the trim panel out.
  • Disconnect the cable (if applicable for a power mirror).
  • Remove the mounting screws and screw in the new mirror.
  • Reverse the procedure and put it all back together!


For what may at first seem like a complicated process, it’s surprisingly easy to replace a side mirror damaged in the middle of winter!

If you need to have your side mirror replaced, check out our image part selector and find a side mirror for your vehicle!

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  1. 1 pierre eugene heurtelou said at 10:21 pm on March 24th, 2015:

    need a driver side

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